Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I promise I'm still here!

My Dear Friends and Readers:

I know that it seems that I have kind of been M.I.A. for about a week, but I promise I am reading all of your comments and things and will respond to them soon! I have a bunch of my 30 Days of Truth posts scheduled, so they automatically show up. Right now, I'm still working on getting into the routine of school and whatnot.

I am starting a new refereeing job (basketball) in the next couple weeks, so I have been doing training for that since Monday. Tonight concludes our training, but I really think I will be busy until around 10:00 tonight. Tomorrow is 500 kinds of busy as well, and then I am driving home for basketball homecoming tomorrow night. HOPEFULLY, with the little bit of free time I should have on Friday morning/afternoon, I'll be able to respond to all of your comments!

I promise I am reading all of them and I love it when you take time out of your day to read and comment on my posts! I really do appreciate it!

I will talk to you all soon!

p.s. Did you see I figured out how to add a signature? I'm slowly learning :)

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