Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 16

Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without

This one has two possibilities, so I think I want to write about both. The first one won't take long, so I promise you won't be bored!

Negativity. No one needs this. It only brings me down. When I am around people that are constantly negative, I do a lot of self-talk to remember that they only say things like this because that is how they are, and that I cannot let it affect me. "Come on Mal, you know you are a happy person. Remember, things could ALWAYS be worse. Think of how much you love (insert name here) and how much (he/she) means to you. That is something to be happy about."

Jealousy. I hate being human and feeling this terrible emotion. I try not to, and still self-talk me out of the emotion, but sometimes it just takes over and I have to completely distance myself from the situation so that I don't say something I regret. This ugly green monster comes up in a variety of ways:

  • friends who have money, and don't understand what it's like to struggle financially
  • how pretty some people are
  • how no matter what some people do, they seem to have everything together
  • how talented people are
  • how loved some people seem
it's ugly, and I hate it, but I'm human. And I'm sure if you are one of my friends, I've most likely felt jealous of you before too. Please don't think any less of me because of it. It doesn't make me love you any less, and I really wish I didn't feel that way about you.


  1. I'm with you on that one. I hate being around negative people. I feel like I am surrounding by a lot of complaining, and I cannot stand it. The only way I can really cope is just to remove myself all together. And keep thinking positive (repeat that over and over and OVER in my head).
    I am really liking this 30 day challenge. I hadn't seen it before, and they ask great questions!

  2. hey gurlie! I found this today, thought you might like it.. Check it out! :

    Link to thier blog:

  3. I deal with both of these things regularly. I think we all do honestly.. in some way shape or form anyway.

    Just know that other people's struggles may not be as visible to the naked eye... But oh how I promise you friend they are there. I learned this the hard way...

    I joined a bible group this past year and their was this tini-tinny, gorgeous, exotic looking, cheerleader there. You know what I'm talking about... 5'4" a size 000 and gorgeous brown eyes with hair that seems to go on forever.

    I was so frustrated when I walked in because I knew EXACTLY who she was and I was so frustrated I had to feel inferior to this perfect little bimbo while I was trying to get closer to God..... the group went fine, same ol' really, then at the end of it, we were closing in prayer.

    She asked if we would pray for her family.. Then she proceeded to tell us about her horrible upbringing, and how her father directly told her and her mother to her face that he is going to chose drugs and alcohol over them... She then started saying since he'd left things finically were awful and she didn't know what they were going to do......

    Yeah. I felt like a royal JERK... However, it was (like you said) just my human nature. But, I think God was definitely trying to show me how horrible and judgmental I was being.

    Not everyone has it all together. I promise, promise, promise. I always have to think of the ways I AM blessed and that always seems to help a little.

    Hope you have a GREAT AND WARM monday friend!

  4. ALSO,
    Your true friends won't think less of you :) because that's what a true friend is. Someone that understands the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great.

    And try to remember, you have many things a lot of people would be jealous over as well. AND I'm sure at one point, your friends have been jealous over you as well! ;)

    hang in there love! you are gorgeous, inside and out. God is gonna us you for many great things!

  5. I think everyone has at least a little struggle with both of these!


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