Thursday, January 6, 2011

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As I sit here in Phoenix for my SEVENTH morning to wake up in this beautiful state, I'm kind of at a loss for words. I know, I know, this is a big shocker. This is partly why I didn't update yesterday (the other part is because I was attached to Lego Harry Potter on the Wii ALL DAY. I'm obsessed!). I love this town, I love this state. I know for sure that I want to come back again. Heck, I may even change my mind and want to live here at some point, instead of just visit. Everyone here says "Wait until you feel the heat of the summer," but I love the hot summers! I love them in Oklahoma when it's 100% humidity! (Okay, maybe loving the humidity is stretching the truth a bit. No one actually loves feeling like they're sweating when they're not actually sweating.)

Last night, Erika scored us some free tickets to the Phoenix Suns game against the L.A. Lakers. I LOVED the game! It was so much fun to hear the entire crowd get into every aspect of the game! (even the RUDE Lakers fans behind us) A lot of times when the Suns were on defense, you could hear then entire crowd shouting "DE-FENSE!" I loved it. I wish OKC fans would get into it as much, maybe I would try to go to more Thunder games than what I already do. And of course, seeing Steve Nash play was pretty freakin' sweet. I don't keep up with NBA too much, but I have heard about him of course. He's definitely a team-oriented guy. ANYWAYS. Erika and I spent 3 hours cheering on the Suns to a very close loss to the Lakers. It was one hell of a game.

I'm sad that my time here in AZ is coming to an end, but I know my family back home is ready for me to return. And I'm sure once I get back, I'll be ready to be home as well, but for the time being I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. Leaving means returning to Oklahoma to enjoy my final semester as a college undergrad (YIKES!). It means I won't randomly score free tickets to an NBA game (although I am going to the Clippers/Thunder game in February with HESSA.) It means going back to having responsibilities. But the best part of going back to Oklahoma? Returning to my family and friends that aren't here with me. This 10 Day vacation has been a fantastic break, but I kinda miss my brothers and the little rugrats that are more like sisters. But I'm sure once I graduate, they'll be ready for me to go back to school :) And, I kinda miss my littles. They're pretty legit.

Hopefully upon my return, I WILL NOT fail Capstone, and then maybe Erika can return to "God's country" to see me walk across a stage. If not, she has big girl responsibilities now, and it'll be during season. I will love her anyways.

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