Friday, January 21, 2011

30 Days of Truth: Day 07

Day 07: Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I truly wish that I was confident in my spiritual relationship with Jesus. I feel like that should be the answer, but honestly, it's something I struggle with every day. And this meme isn't titled 30 Days of What Should Be.

So here is my truth:
I honestly don't think I could say there is exactly one someone that has made my life worth living for. As different struggles present themselves on different days, a different person has given me the strength and courage to continue on.

For the most part, it is the amazing love and support that I constantly receive from of my immediate family members: Mimi, Mom, Annya, Jessica, Ed, Ryan, Jared, Jacob, Edith, MacKenzie, Emma, Hannah. Without their love and knowing I have these 12 personal cheerleaders back home, I would have given up on college 5 years ago.

I also have specific friends that have impacted my life:
Caroline & Lisa, for making me sit with them at that football game in September of 2006, and befriending me without question. The three of us do not get to spend as much time with each other, but without their friendship, I wouldn't have returned to Norman after Christmas break.

Erika, because in all the years I have been alive, I have never met anyone who is so much like me that it's scary. She's the one who encouraged me to demand better of myself, and, quite frankly, bitched me out for wanting to quit. But if she hadn't bitched me out, I wouldn't have met the next 4 people.

Katy, from the first day I met her, I knew we had to be friends. She was all kinds of sassy and I didn't expect it from her at all. She knows probably some of the worst things about me, but she still chooses to be my friend and my roommate.

Jessica, even though we lived together for a VERY short time, I started to consider her a true friend when she agreed to attend Labor Day festivities with my crazy family. She is always encouraging (not necessarily being a cheerleader like the fam). She inspires me to be a little better within APO too.

Josalyn, and yes, this is the same Josalyn from Day 04's Truth. I'm not exactly sure when or why she decided she wanted to be my friend, but I'm so glad that she did end up starting the relationship between us during recruitment 2009. We soon became inseparable, and because of her I've learned how to be truly generous to those you love. She has also introduced me to some pretty amazing people.

and finally, how could I leave out Andy?! Andy, who is one of the most straight-forward people I know, who really doesn't care what it is people think or say about him, and who lets me hysterically cry to him when I'm having a rough night. Don't get me wrong, Andy has his faults to, but he knows them and accepts them. Without Jessica and APO, I would have never realized that a girl can have the same person as her in boy form (with some minor differences here and there)!

These people, by no means whatsoever, are the only ones who have made my life worth living for. They are just the ones who I feel have had the most impact on me just within my 5 years of being in college. And it's crazy to believe that all of them I have known less than 10 years.

Thanks for reading today!


  1. To be honest, you deserved to be bitched out. Just sayin :)

  2. Sounds like you have some awesome people surrounding you and encouraging you in life!! :)


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