Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love 4 Day Weekends!

Classes got cancelled on Thursday because of the icy conditions. I already don't have classes on Fridays, so I got to enjoy a nice, relaxing 4 day weekend. I already told you of my adventures Thursday night, with me going to celebrate my last night at the old O'Connell's location. Friday, I decided that I wasn't in too much of a mood to go out. I had already volunteered to help with scoring for the women's gymnastics meet, so I had that to look forward to for Friday night. At one point in the afternoon, the roommate and I decided to go to Hobby Lobby (and I needed to go to a shop called Christmas Expressions) to pick up some crafting supplies we needed. We spent all afternoon crafting our various projects, and then went to the meet together. Upon our arrival, we got to hang out with our sister Kaitlin for a little bit longer before roommate left to visit boyfriend in Stillwater.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a fun-filled sports extravaganza! I went to the OU men's basketball game at 12:30, and they had a very fun theme. "Star Wars Day" begun with our mascots, Boomer and Sooner, dueling Darth Vader and Darth Maul in an epic light saber battle. They also had things like, Yoda Cam on the screens above. It was a fun game to be at! The men didn't play so hot, but they ended up with a 67-60 win over Colorado. Then I spent the afternoon being lazy around the house, and then went to a men's gymnastics meet at 7. I forgot how different men's gymnastics is from women's. I freaking love the High Bar, and the Floor exercise just demonstrates so much power.

Then last night, I hit up the new O'Connell's on Campus Corner (AWFUL) and then my favorite place Logan's. I went to O'Connell's for two sisters' birthdays, and then because the waitstaff at the new place is the slowest ever, I went across the street to my favorite place ever. I met up with 3 friends from APO while I brought 4 sorority sisters with me. I also ran into a lot of my friends while there. Kaitlin, Rachel, and I spent about an hour or so there dancing before we left to go to a Pike rush party. After the rush party, we hit up What-A-Burger for the deliciousness that it is at 3 a.m.

I'd say that all in all I had a pretty successful weekend!

How were your weekends friends? Anything exciting you want to share?

p.s. If you like to share your weekend in pictures, you should DEFINITELY begin participating in the photo swap. It's a lot of fun!

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